Privacy Policy

SUGIMOTO & CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) has established the following privacy policy to be implemented and maintained for appropriate protection and handling of the personal information of customers obtained via its website (

Acquisition of Personal Information

  1. We are the only holder of the personal information of customers acquired via our website.
  2. We are only able to access and acquire information received directly from customers via email or access of our website.
  3. We will never sell, buy, or transfer to others the personal information of customers.

Use of Personal Information

  1. We use the personal information of customers for such purposes as inquiring about the reasons for contacting us.
  2. Unless a request is made to stop providing information to them, we may contact customers regarding the products, services, etc., we provide by sending them printed advertisements, by email, by telephone, or by other means.
  3. We may contact customers by email to provide information about changes to this privacy policy.

Sharing of Personal Information

  1. We will never disclose or provide the personal information of customers to third parties except to fulfill the requests of customers (such as for shipment of ordered products).

Disclosure, Correction, Etc., of Personal Information

If customers themselves indicate that they do not wish to be contacted by us, we will not contact them. If we receive requests from customers themselves pertaining to the following disclosure, correction, etc., of personal information we hold, by phone or email, we will respond to them appropriately.

  1. Disclosure of information about the kinds of customer information we hold.
  2. Changes and correction of customer information we hold.
  3. Deletion of customer information we hold.
  4. Expression of concern about our use of customer information.

Security of Personal Information

We handle protection of personal information with great care. We strive to protect the information entered by customers on our website, both online and offline.

  1. Since personal information entered by customers, such as credit card numbers, is always encrypted and then transmitted to us, it will not be stolen by third parties.
  2. We strive to protect customer information transmitted online by encrypting it and to also protect customer information at rest.
  3. Access to customer information is granted only to employees who need it for specific work, such as the preparation of bills and customer service.
  4. The computers and servers that store customer information are managed in secure environments.

If you believe that we have not complied with the privacy policy defined above in the use of your personal information or have any comments or requests regarding our privacy policy, please contact our privacy officer by phone, fax, or email.

Contact for inquiries about personal information

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