Our Business

We are an elite unit that supports your business.

We have built a reliable support system with a nationwide online network.
We respond to diversified and sophisticated needs appropriately by providing products quicker and more smoothly.

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  • Trade
    Trade Division
    We provide a wide range of support, right up to the support of export business related to the overseas trade and expansions of customers, including invoicing services, with a focus on the sale of domestic products to overseas trading companies and the procurement of excellent foreign products.
  • Planning and
    Planning and
    Promotion Business
    We provide highly specialized proposals and technologies based on national standards data for dust, noise, and other factors for products of Nidec-Shimpo Corporation, 3M Japan Limited, and other companies. Advisors with technical expertise provide customers with not only products but also the know-how to use them effectively.
  • E-Commerce
    E-Commerce Business
    We have established a style of order acceptance that allows customers to use their own original systems as they are. We flexibly handle a variety of ordering styles so customers can proceed with their orders more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Construction
    Construction and
    Engineering Business
    We handle not only products but also installation work and engineering for accompanying attachment work.
    Constantly providing concrete proposals tailored to the needs of each customer, we help customers solve problems.
  • Directly
    Directly Required Business
    We provide a detailed response, from consultations before introduction to proposals and installation, not only in the field of measuring instruments but also for a wide variety of equipment. For manufacturing equipment to facilities for entire plants, we respond directly to a wide range of customer requests not only for the improvement of production activities but also for safety, reliability, comfort, efficiency, energy conservation, and other requests.
  • Distribution
    Distribution Business
    We have well-stocked distribution centers in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya and stably and quickly respond to the needs of customers. At the same time, we also play a role in stabilizing the production business for small and medium-sized manufacturers in Japan.
    With high levels of historical and expert knowledge and know-how unique to a 100-year-old company, we add value that is unique to Sugimoto, including technical coordination and product proposals tailored to each customer’s requests. We make finely tuned engineering sales a reality.


  • Measurement and measuring instruments
  • Optical and scientific instruments
  • Environmental and surveying instruments
  • Work machinery and work equipment
  • Cutting Tools
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic equipment
  • Conduction and drive equipment
  • Tools
  • Electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic tools
  • Transportation, logistics, cargo handling and storage equipment
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Grinding wheels and rivets
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Chemical Products
  • Environmental and physical chemistry products
  • Safety equipment and protective gear
  • Packing materials
  • Housing, office automation, and research supplies
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