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Mission  Statement

Corporate Behavior Charter

Regarding the Establishment of a Corporate Behavior Charter

SUGIMOTO & CO., LTD. would like to be an economic entity that pursues profits through fair competition, as well as a useful entity for society.
For this reason, we would like to develop healthy cooperate activities both in and outside Japan with social common sense by respecting human rights and complying with all laws and regulations, international rules, and the spirits of them.
Therefore, we have prepared a Corporate Behavior Charter to clarify behavior related to compliance with corporate ethics, which has not been sufficient to date.
It is necessary for each of us to understand the Corporate Behavior Charter well and put it into practice in our daily work.
We also pledge that we will put this behavior charter into practice, and we will adhere to it.

April 2008, SUGIMOTO & CO., LTD.

1Basic mission

Our mission is to secure customer satisfaction and trust and to contribute to the development of an industrial society by providing service that satisfies customers while taking into consideration the protection of personal and customer information.

2Compliance with social norms

In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we will engage in fair, transparent, and unfettered competition and conduct fair transactions. We will also maintain normal, healthy political and governmental relationships.

3Information disclosure

As a company open to society, we will actively and extensively communicate not only with stockholders but also with society and disclose information concerning general corporate management as necessary in an appropriate manner.

4Arrangement of work environments

We will respect the personality, individuality, and independence of workers and make their lives comfortable and fulfilling by ensuring environments where they can work safely and comfortably.

5Approach to environmental issues

We recognize that environmental initiatives are an essential requirement for the existence and activities of the company and will take actions voluntarily and actively.

6Social contribution

We actively engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.

7Confrontation of antisocial forces

We will emphatically confront antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

8Contribution overseas

We will contribute to the development of local society by observing international rules and local laws and developing business activities that respect local culture and customs, in Japan and overseas.

9Thorough enforcement of corporate ethics

The corporate managers recognize that it is their role to uphold the spirit of this charter, will take the lead in this, and will ensure thorough awareness throughout the company. In addition, they will try to communicate with others inside and outside of the company and pay continuous attention to their voices in order to establish an effective corporate structure and thoroughly enforce corporate ethics.

10Issue resolution

In the event of a situation that violates this charter, the corporate managers will convey the stance that they will deal with the issue themselves to others inside and outside of the company, clarify the facts, investigate the cause, and strive to prevent recurrence. In addition, they will fulfill their responsibility to disclose information and provide explanations quickly and accurately to society and take strict punitive action against those concerned, including themselves, after clarifying their authority and responsibility.

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